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Explore Colonial Pennsylvania

The Morgan Log House is a meticulously restored example of early domestic architecture.

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Planning a Visit?

Find out the hours, admission, amenities and more for this gem of an 18th century historic house.

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Mayhem at Morgan: The Witch's Trial

Tickets are now available for this year’s Mayhem at Morgan: The Witch’s Trial!

You have an important role: to hear the testimony of the goodwife, the doctor who accused her of witchcraft, and the patients they treated. You and your group will be guided through the grounds of the Morgan Log House, hear testimony and ask questions, and decide for yourselves who is guilty and who must hang for their crimes. The event will be held on Friday, October 25.

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Our Temporary Exhibit

Stop in and see our temporary exhibit, Leeches, Purging, and Magic: the Care and Healing of the Colonial Bodyall about the harrowing world of 18th century medicine. See it on a tour now through December!