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The Morgan Log House is a meticulously restored example of early domestic architecture.


  • Tours are offered on Thursday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Sundays noon to 3 p.m.
  • Tours every hour on the hour.
  • Masks are required.
  • Tours are self-guided. A staff member will be on hand to answer questions.
  • Tours should be pre-scheduled (see the link below).

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Candlelight Night To Go

Instead of our regular Candllelight Night this year, we’ve decided to bring the holiday fun to you, in a safe, fun, socially distanced way!
  • Starting Black Friday, we’re going to be selling activity kits, with something for everyone (we’ll have a Colonial Toy Kit, a Colonial Craft Kit, and two adult History Happy Hour Kits: an Evening with Edward and Elizabeth, as well as an Evening with the Cassels). These kits will be on sale through December 5.
  • On Saturday, December 5, we will open our doors to the kitchen and let you walk through, and see our fire. That would also be a great time to browse our gift shop and pick up a kit to take home!

Kits can be purchased on our Square Shop, under “Candlelight Night To Go” by clicking here.



Our Upcoming Temporary Exhibit

We’re working on our upcoming temporary exhibit, “A Day in the Life of a Farmer,” which looks at local history, farming, and the changes of the early twentieth century through the eyes of William Leister, a Towamencin farmer who kept a diary between 1911 and 1935.


Back to School In Towamencin

A 19th century map of Towamencin Township. Locations of schools are marked with a red arrow. The Township of Towamencin was formally established in 1728; local landowners (including Edward Morgan) petitioned Philadelphia County to create the township (Montgomery...

Women of the Morgan Log House

To celebrate the centennial anniversary of the 19th Amendment, we thought we would share what we know about the women that lived at the Log House property. We know less about the women that lived here because, during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, men were...

Visualizing the Diaries: Tools of the Historian

Often, we think of history as being done by looking at documents and material artifacts and using them to make inferences about what happened in the past. Historians do that a lot, and it remains to be the most effective tool for learning about the past. With the rise...

The Log House’s Revolutionary War Veterans

Even though they occupied the building we now know as the Morgan Log House longer than any other family, little is known about the Cassel family, who occupied the home from 1774 to 1873. What information we have we gleaned about Yellis and Elizabeth Cassel, their...

Fredrick Henning Bower, Local Farmer

An Detail of J.D. Scott’s 1877 Atlas Map of Towamencin Township Showing the Farm of Frederick Bower. On a usual visit to the Morgan Log House, we usually talk about the lives of the Morgans and the Cassel families, the property's early occupants. This is only part of...

Plant a Victory Garden

Office of War Information poster, no. 34. 1943. Normally, the Morgan Log House would be having its Military Might event this weekend: it’s an annual celebration and commemoration of those who sacrificed everything for the nation. This year is going to be a bit...

Edward, Elizabeth, and their World

Like many immigrants to Pennsylvania, Edward and Elizabeth Morgan were farmers. This is the story of Daniel Boone’s maternal grandparents, Edward and Elizabeth Morgan, and the world of which they were a part. Early eighteenth century records, particularly records for...

Drop in Workshop at Home: Shut the Box

Shut the Box is a simple game with a long history. There is evidence that a version of the game as we know it existed since the 12th century. It was a popular choice for travelers, sailors, and soldiers, and has a long history as a pub game. It was very popular...

A Special Friendship: Bees and their Medical Uses in the Colonial Period

This blog post is an adaptation of a History Happy Hour talk given last year during the 2019 season, “Bees, their Friends, and their Uses” by Tim Betz, Morgan Log House Executive Director. Keep an eye out for more History Happy Hours (both online and in person) in the...

The Morgan Log House: An Agricultural History

The Morgan Log House is always researching and adding to its historic narratives regarding the house, its families, and associated larger historic contexts. Because family documents, like diaries, letters, receipts, newspaper advertisements, or budget books ,...