I thought I would use my first Log Blog post as a way to introduce myself to you, the Morgan Log House community.

I’ve only spent a short time here so far, as I started working with the new year. Already, though, I can tell that this is a very special place and am excited to be a part of it. The history of the log house itself is fascinating and is connected to the fabric of our nation. The local story is the story of huddled colonists, scrappy revolutionaries, and those seeking opportunity on the shores of the New World that helped make our country what it is today. I’m excited for a chance to delve deeper into that history and to share it with the community.

I’ve also been impressed with the people I’ve encountered here: volunteers who dedicate so much of themselves to making sure that the Log House continues to be a place where history comes alive. I can already tell that the Morgan Log House could not exist without them. Nor could it exist without the community that it serves, which have given generously throughout the organization’s history. I’m looking forward to working with the Log House’s volunteers and the community, and getting to know everyone. The Log House is really a family: and I’m glad and proud to now be a part of it.

I’m coming to the Log House from the Red Mill Museum Village where I served as Curator of Public Programs before becoming Assistant Director. Additionally, I come with a newly minted Masters Degree in History from Lehigh University, where I specialized in the history of Colonial Latin America with a subfield in Public History. I have additionally earned Masters Degree from Penn State in Renaissance Italian Art History as well as a BFA in Studio Art from Kutztown University. I look forward to bringing these experiences to the Log House and helping guide the museum to the next step.

I am looking forward to the chance to meet all of you,

My warmest regards,

Tim Betz

Executive Director

Morgan Log House